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Learning Center
Our mission is to help children and families develop into being great leaders; Leaders that will make a difference in their families, communities and abroad

Maryland State Approved Curriculum, fun activities, health and wellness and nature based learning. We incorporate field trips to allow our children to experience real-life activities outside of the classroom. Our field trips are connected to ideas that are learned in the classroom.

Our ProgramsAbout KLC

Our Programs

Infants & Toddlers

As Infants & toddlers engage in daily routines, they collect, and organize info about themselves & other people.  

Just For Threes

Our children engage in activities that promote social emotional and vocabulary development, as well as literacy skills.

Pre-K & Kinder

This program focuses on daily routines & is an integrated curriculum with a strong focus on literacy, math and science. 

Health & Wellness

We provide nutritious meals & physical activity. We help our families develop physically, mentally and socially. 

About Us

Kindred Learning Center’s goal is to help children develop mentally, physically and emotionally. We strive to develop future leaders that shine among their peers, in the community and abroad. Our goal is to build strong children, families and communities.


Our History

Kindred Learning Center is founded by a set of twin sisters (Kia Miller and Kelly Miller) that have always had a passion for teaching young children. Both sisters decided to gain degrees in Education. After teaching in the public school system for several years both sisters agreed that there was a need to ensure that children were taught fundamental skills at a very early age.

The sisters decided that they would open a learning center that educated young children and their families. They both believed that in order to successfully educate children they must also help the families understand child development. Because this learning center was founded by two sisters and the focus of the center is to build strong children and families, they decided to name their child care learning center “Kindred Learning Center.”

The goal of the founders is to create an environment that makes children and their families feel loved and welcomed. Their goal is also to help children and families build a joy of learning. The founders of Kindred Learning Center believe that “We are one family working together for a better tomorrow.”

Our Teachers

The teachers of Kindred Learning center are dedicated to creating a safe and healthy learning environment. Our teachers plan daily activities that build social/ emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. Teachers have background knowledge of child development and continue to learn and study new ideas for working with young children. The teachers of Kindred Learning Center know the importance of assessments and assess children throughout the year to assist children in their development. Our teachers understand the importance of family engagement and encourages family involvement and partnerships.


Daily Activites

Developmentally appropriate activities are scheduled with flexibility allowed to respond to the needs of each +more


Kindred Learning Center invites visitors into our center to give our children new experiences in the classroom.  +more

Special Days

Our calendar is filled with many special days. Our special days give our children the opportunity to learn complex ideas…  +more

Family Engagement

Kindred Learning Center builds relationships with our families. We have an open door policy that allows parents to…  +more


What Our Families are Saying

 “My time being employed at Kindred Learning Center was honestly  the best 5 years of my life. I learned and grew a lot during my employment at the center. The continued education requirement allowed  me to further my understanding of skills and procedures in the child care field…

At Kindred Learning Center I found a passion and career.  I truly appreciate the directors Ms. Kia and Ms. Kelly for their nurturing and caring personality that truly helped me to become the woman  that I am now… 

Not only would I recommend this place for employment but I would recommend the center for any child care needs the staff  is great with the children.”  -Ms. Tramyra 

Baltimore Location

5213 Norwood Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21207

Phone: 443-316-8456
Fax: 443-200-5953

Elkridge Location

7739 Mayfield Ave
Elkridge, MD 21075

Phone: 410-904-5988
Fax: 410-904-5998

Misc. Contact Info

Kia’s Mobile: 410-382-4668
Kelly’s Mobile: 410-382-8069